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07 Mar '14

Deux Par Deux - A Canadian Success

Posted by Gabriella Mazarakis in Canadian, Clothing, Deux Par Deux
Deux par deux universe

Our captivating world, filled with creativity, fantasy, and vitality, has inspired Deux par Deux to create children’s clothing that reflects the faces of children throughout the world, via simplicity and the richness and diversity of their culture. Deux par Deux’s team has traveled the globe, photographing and gathering images of charming faces of children who later become symbols of Deux par Deux’s collections.

When photographing children in the Caribbean, Saint Petersburg in Russia, a Berber village in Morocco, or in the steppes of Mongolia, Deux par Deux’s team seeks to discover the radiant, unique and unknown beauties of life. “The world’s young girls share something extraordinary that surpasses cultural borders: each one is cuter than the last, affirming their joy in life and freshness in front of the camera,” said Claude Diwan.

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